November 11, 2006

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In the mood for an elegant lunch or a classic dinner? Then step into Sunnys, a Euro restaurant that specializes in Italian food. I went there on an impulse for lunch on a weekday, and was given a table within minutes. A bread basket with hot garlic rolls and garlic butter appeared on our table, and disappeared into our stomachs. For starters, we ordered a ginger lemonade, a tomato-mozzarella salad and a tuna salad. The lemonade was delicious and tasted homemade. The tomato-mozzarella salad had baby plum tomatoes in a bed of mozzarella slices – yes, in a bed of mozzarella slices! The cheese was heavenly, absolutely fresh, nothing like what you buy in a store. As for the tuna salad, no tuna from a can in Sunnys, it was fresh tuna. For the main course, we ordered a Norwegian grilled salmon with vegetables and pasta – again, delicious.

I have tasted desserts from Sunnys in the past – chocolate cake, Devils food cake and they are to die for. That day, however, I decided to try the campari gelato, which was basically flavoured ice flakes. Passable, but definitely not as worthy as their chocolate flavoured, rich classics.

The decor at Sunnys is lovely -the glass walls drench the ground floor dining area with sunlight making it perfect for a long lunch. The upper floor is a lounge bar. The atmosphere is very chic and casual – Bangalore’s who’s who seem to love it, as do the expats. The restaurant is located at Embassy Diamante, 34, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore, ph:41329366/391. Cost for a meal for two, without drinks, is approximately Rs.1400.