Bangalore belly is a blog about eating out in Bangalore. I am not an expert foodie but I love eating out and am always looking out for exciting restaurants in Bangalore. If you want some tips on what to do for lunch, dinner or dessert, read on! And don’t forget to tell me about your favourite places in Bangalore to eat and drink.

– Meenakshi Goveas


18 Responses to “About”

  1. Deap Ubhi Says:

    Hey! We love Bangalore Belly – this is an awesome blog with well written advice on Bangalore’s best places to go out. Listen, we at burrp! would love to somehow get tied up with your blog and figure out a way that we can tap into your passion and experience as a foodie in Bangalore. Please do get in touch and I’ll let you know exactly what I have in mind. deap (at) burrp (dot) com.

  2. blr bytes Says:

    Hey there! Stumbled upon your blog and have now subscribed. I try and do semi-regular reviews on food as well here

    Oh, I linked to you.

  3. Great Blog. Looks like we have something of the same idea. Check me out as well.

  4. Vijay Says:

    This is a nice blog… I grew up in Bangalore and know all the old places… The newer ones have grown in number.. keep it coming..

  5. Dee Says:

    Hey. Great blog n ofcourse great city. i hope u wrote more about the less popular places n the street food culture…

  6. Simanti Says:

    Look who’s blogging on restaurants in Bangalore! Remember those Sundays when you’d call asking me to suggest a lunch place serving chicken, shrimps, etc etc…but the foodie that you are this is right up your sleeve…good old days…glad that you are reviewing the places where we hang out…miss Bangalore…do not forget my favorite, ‘Kadambam’!

  7. Hem Says:


    I found your blog today, and have spent the last couple of hours reading your reviews! I like your writing and i sure will be trying out a number of the places you have recommended! Keep up the great writing and bon appetit 🙂

  8. Amit Says:

    Hey – great blog! Looks cool. Wish I was in B’lore though 🙂
    Planning to be there this year – let’s see if it works out.

  9. Thejesh GN Says:

    Hey Nice blog.
    I am the maintainer of blog. Recently I added wiki to it. and I have linked to many of your reviews from there. Thanks for those wonderful reviews

  10. Lata Says:

    hi. I would like to get in touch with you. I am Features Editor. Pls send me a mail…

  11. My uncle runs a restaurant at C.M.H. Road. The name of the joint is “Suswaad Idly Bazaar”. We would like to invite you to our restaurant at C.M.H. Road. It is adjacent to Viveks.

    It is a typical south indian food joint, where we specialize in varieties of Idlies.

  12. golu Says:

    On “Suswaad Idly Bazaar” – I used to have my breakfast there every morning for past 6-7 months…not anymore..the quality has gone down drastically, both in taste and hygiene. Went there 3-4 times in past two weeks, and everytime after eating there I get this feeling of nausea and stomach upset later. I would definitely NOT recommend it. It used to be very good, especially the sambhar was awesome, and the only idly place on cmh road with good hygiene standards., but frequent change of staff in their kitchen etc. has left it a very dirty place to eat at.

  13. Sam Says:

    Try Dim Sum in koramangala. The food is heavenly. It’s mainly for take out but has the most delicious food. DIM SUM, Chinese snacklets and more!

  14. divya Says:

    We are trying to collect menus of restaurants and organize them into a search-able list. Your help will be greatly appreciated – Please contact me at the email address …

  15. Suja Says:

    Dim Sum – Koramangala.

    The best momo’s in town without a doubt. I have eaten food from this joint over a 100 times as it has been the best chinese I have found in Bangalore.
    The pricing is affordable and the quality is uncompromised. There is a small eat in area but it is better to order home and enjoy the food with friends.
    The menu compromises of Momo’s, their speciality (in pork, chicken and veg, Fried or steamed) served with an awesome sauce which i have not tasted anywhere. Other snacks and starers are followed by
    soups, speciality dishes and sizzlers. One of the fewplaces which serves awesome pork in a variety of dishes. Definitely worth shouting about.

    64565969/ 9243015969

    34/3 K.P. Srinivasa Reddy Bld, Near Shiva talkies, 8th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore, 560 095

    Free delivery within 3km

  16. zaheda shahed Says:

    hi, iam the distributor for switz ready to use samosa patti and spring roll sheets, available in various sizes, wheat made products, machine made, economical and very easy to use.kind attention to all the people related to the food industry.for more details contact-9902933077\9845033515

  17. Amardeep Says:

    I kinda stumbled on to your web site while doing a “Blackle” on best places to hang out in Bangalore. Interesting!!! Well, I have been here for about four months and after staying alive on parotas, idlies and typical south indian cuisine I have desperately started to look for Punjabi food (oh, did I mention I am a Punjabi). I have tried few places in Indira Nagar and some other eating places near Ulsoor, however I am yet to find the mouth watering smell of Dal Makhani which used to fill my nostrils when I used to buy the same in Delhi. Oh How I miss Delhi and not to mention Amritsar.

  18. Priya Says:


    There is a restaurant called Shiv Shakthi on K.H.Road (Double Road). This was earlier known as Pai restaurant, which got bought over.

    Whenever I visit Bangalore, I go there and enjoy their cutlets. Their cutlet stuffing is like any other restaurant, but the outer layer is an even coating of some batter with either rava/sesame I dont remember, but very yummy.

    Please visit – also if you can only find out what the outer layer is made of, do let me know. I have been craving to eat this since my pregnancy – but have not had much of a chance to visit Bangalore.

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