Pink Pepper

March 13, 2008

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Multi-cuisine restaurants mostly disappoint – they try to satisfy too many people without being particularly good at any one type of cuisine and end up being mish-mash, confused places where you can order anything from panner tikkas to schezwan chicken.  However, they usually do not have names like “Pink Pepper”.   I went there expecting continental cuisine – and found that my friend and I were the only people in the place.  As expected there was quite a bit of pink, but not in a bad way.   The upholstery has pink stripes and one of the walls is done up in various shades of bold pink and unfortunately for the waiters, they wear pink too.

The restaurant does not have a liquor license yet – but has some interesting-sounding mocktails.   I tried the peach iced tea and it was good.  The menu has Indian, Chinese, Thai and Continental dishes.  The choices are not very creative and cover pretty much the usual five or six options which come to your mind when you think of these cuisines.   Although I would have preferred to eat continental food that day, the choices did not sound exciting enough and we decided to stick to Indian.  For appetizers, we tried tandoori prawns, which were ok – nothing spectacular.  They had a strong taste of ajwain and my friend dismissed them as not a patch on his mom’s cooking.  For the main course, we tried the murg methi makhani and the tandoori rotis.  The chicken had too much methi in it and almost had a bitter after-taste as a result.  The rotis were ok.  The dessert choices sounded too usual and boring and we skipped them.

All in all, a very average dinner.  My recommendation to Pink Pepper is to hire a chef who does a fantastic job of one cuisine or type of food and stick to only that.  Mediocre is definitely not the answer.   Beware, the restaurant is located in that part of Indiranagar where namma Metro is coming up – so you need to through dust and narrow roads to reach the place which is located on a cleaner side road.  Service was reasonable and there is parking available on the side roads.  A meal for two is approximately Rs.500. 

For address and phone number, click here.


4 Responses to “Pink Pepper”

  1. silkboard Says:

    One foodie to another – nice blog here.

  2. Madhu Rao Says:

    Love your enthusiasm about things Bangalore — especially in the food category. We are starting out a new online magazine with very many of the current authors (have 12, not all have written though) from Bangalore. Many of us live to eat and I’m working on a post about a Bangalore eatery. See some great synergy ..

    Let me know if you would like to cross post @ INDIMAG. We’d love to have your articles..

  3. Neil Says:

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  4. Designer Boy Says:

    Now if only Burrp allowed comments. Some reviews are interesting, but others are absolute crap. There are times I feel like I need to set these “reviewers” straight, but am unable to do so.

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