September 25, 2007

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So you think you live in the boondocks of JP Nagar 7th and 8th Phase and there are no decent restaurants around you?  Here comes Rasilaas to your rescue!  Seemingly the usual ubiquitous mutli-cuisine place, Rasilaas redeems itself by serving fresh, hearty and tasty fare and doing an excellent job with quick 20 minute door delivery.  I would not recommend going there for a sit down dinner or lunch, the décor and atmosphere is extremely average.  But I do definitely recommend that you order from them even upto 11 pm in the night.  On the whole, I think that their veggie options taste better but on the same note, some of my friends thought that their chicken dishes good too.  Some highly recommended choices – baby corn koliwada, chilli panner, palak malai kofta, tandoori rotis, jeera rice and dal bukhara.  Excellent choice when you don’t want to move from your couch to face the B’lore traffic J

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Sri Krishna Kafe

September 20, 2007

This review is also available on burrp!

For the Tamilian missing authentic veggie meals, Sri Krishna Kafe is a must-do trip that will satisfy you.  Absolutely no frills whatsoever but just plain good food served in banana leaves, this Bannerghatta Road outlet is newer than the Koramangala main branch.  It is located on a tiny lane (right next to Inscape, the roadleads to Strides factory) right opposite IIM B and is more reminiscent of a wedding dining hall than a restaurant.  Basic tables and chairs and a counter where you collect the coupon and pay for your meal form the ambiance and the place is packed with bachelors satiating their taste for home food.  You are quite likely to find families as well and some elderly gentlemen reading Tamil magazines such as Ananda Vikatan!  Waiters in veshtis and plastic gloves serve food out of stainless steel utensils. 

For lunch, the regular and deluxe meals are available.  They are unlimited in quantity so make sure you are hungry! Clean your banana leaf and lie back and enjoy your food.  There is usually two dry vegetable dishes such as roasted yam (yummy!!) and beans and a kootu or a gravy made with vegetables (such as spinach) and dal.  An applam (papad) and a very delicious fried dried chilli stuffed with spices in curd  (called more molaga) is plonked on your leaf.  Rice is then served and you have a choice of four gravies – more kuzambu or curd curry, sambhar, rasam and puli kuzambu or tamarind curry.  All are fantastic so make sure you ration your rice and try each.  Then you can finish off with the rice and curds and their truly amazing fresh pickles.  The deluxe meals have pulav and raita and varuval or fresh chips as well.  Dessert was delicious jaggery payasam.  All this for Rs.65 to Rs. 75 per head. 

Sri Krishna Kafe is good value for money and an excellent bet for true Tamilian food in Bangalore. Just don’t expect frills or sophistication as part of the experience.  Parking is available outside the restaurant. 

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