Via Milano

August 17, 2007

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Via Milano is chic, trendy new Italian restaurant located on the third floor of a building in Koramangala.  Sleek red and white leather chairs and dark mahogany wooden shelves and tables provide a neat contrast against the stark white walls on one side and the glass walls on the other two, which opens to views of the city.  Your choice of seating includes plush sofas or traditional dining chairs.  They have some really nice and big tableware – comfortable red glasses, enormous soup bowls and huge plates.  There is a neat bar area in one corner.

The drinks menu has the usual mojitos and pinacoladas besides some nice wines and other harder stuff.  We did not try any.  The salads and soups looked tempting – and so we ordered the garden salad with garden vegetables, Mediterranean grilled veggies, goat cheese and black olives.  A bread basket with fresh bread and breadsticks and dips and spreads including a superb olive and garlic paste, chopped tomatoes and basil and potato mayonnaise was placed in front of us.  Interestingly, the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and chilli oil (not sure what that is) came in Borosil test tubes in a test tube stand – and actually looked quite nice.  I was a bit sceptical when I saw that the grilled veggies included roasted eggplant – but the salad truly was delicious.  The soup was a hit – pasta, chickpeas, black pepper, olive oil and clams.  For the main course, we picked the spaghetti with beans, potatoes and basil pesto – very nice – unlike over-creamy pastas that drown the flavour of the fresh vegetables, this was done perfectly and was filling, yet light.  We were too full to try desserts – which included tiramisu (of course). 

Service in this restaurant is impeccable – welcoming, warm and helpful.  It is supposedly owned by three people who used to work in the Ritz Carlton in Doha, Qatar and that shows in the service and in the food.  The A/C was not working properly when we went – they apologized profusely and were upfront about it.  The food presentation is excellent and interestingly, they gave me a hook that attaches to the table from where I could hang my handbag instead of leaving it on the floor. 

This place seems to be quite a hit with expats.  It is ideal for lunching with colleagues or friends or for a romantic dinner.   Valet parking is available.  Meal for two without alcohol is approximately Rs.700. 

For address and phone number, click here.


4 Responses to “Via Milano”

  1. Kumudha Says:

    Wonderful blog about great eateries…

    I love Bangalore which is great for variety of restaurants. Even though it is very easy to be a vegetarian in Bangalore, it is pretty challenging to be a vegan in Bangalore…

  2. anita Says:

    we went last friday evening and got really bad service. they were terribly understaffed. two of the managers (i think) were fully occupied with serving a table filled with expats. i don’t think we figured too much on their list of important guests 🙂

    i had to remind the waiter about 5 times to get my drink. and was really disappointed when it came – it was bad – one of the worst and smallest cocktails i’ve had. the salad had a few lettuce leaves with some chicken pieces – that’s about it and i’m not kidding. something even i could have come up with at home in 2 minutes. no dressing at all. the only redeeming factor was the pasta, which was reasonably well done. maybe we went on a really bad day!

  3. Apu Says:

    We had some of the best Italian food there. I asked for the recipe and also got it, for the chicken tortelloni, handwritten by the chef.

  4. philbert Says:

    Via Milano , what can I say ? The food is like nothing you have ever tasted in Bangalore.
    The partners are Paulo, ( Italian) he is the chef and insists on only the BEST ingredients, Carl and Roger , the MOST friendly people who will always welcome you. All three are the owners / partners.
    If you want to impress your girlfriend / future mother-in-law / boss , take them here. The service is sooo good without being subservient. European polite. The owners all have many, many years in 5*+ hotels across the middle east , and it shows. They train their staff on a daily basis about the finer points of service. The food is to ’Die For” try the baby chicken with Palma ham ( imported from Italy).
    If you think you have tasted Pizza, you haven’t until you eat Pizza here,( it is hand-made, and I think even the cheese and black olives are imported!) Do not eat a big main course because the deserts are out of this world!! Not only the taste but even the presentation is beyond what the Taj or Leela could even dream of doing.
    I LOVE the seating, normal tables or if you are feeling little amorous, white leather sofas.
    The music is great, soft jazz, lounge, and never too loud to stop conversation.
    If you like a drinky ( I Know I do!) the selection of wines is amazing and growing all the time , ask Carl and he will recommend THE perfect wine to accompany your meal, or some really good imported whiskeys , gins ( London Gordons Dry Gin) and even American, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.
    Be prepared for something really different and BETTER.
    I am running out of superlatives for Via Milano, try it once and you will become like me, ADDICTED.
    A truly wonderful place to eat , relax and enjoy.

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