Just Chocolate – Part II

August 13, 2007

This review is also available on burrp!

Went back here to find that furniture has completely changed. Some black velvet sofas have been added – I thought it looked a bit odd and did not go with the atmosphere. Just Chocolate though seems to have become a reasonably popular college hangout and so of course, that meant closely placed chairs and tables. A bit cramped. Menu has been revised – to exclude all the frills. There are 3-4 veggie sandwich options and the rest is as the name promises – Just Chocolate. Tried the grilled vegetable and cheese sandwich. It was good. The chocolate milkshake was perfect – thick, creamy and delicious. A hot Just Chocolate special we ordered came as milk in a pot with a candle below along with a plate of chocolates that were to be dunked in the milk. It was ok. Service was polite as before. Some suggestions:

  1. Please don’t cut the ketchup sachets before serving unless you specifically warn your customers. You can imagine the havoc a 3-year old with an opened ketchup sachet caused when she tried to open it herself.
  2. The cutlery is stainless steel and makes too much noise and is unstable on the glass table tops. Better designed tables or cutlery would be very welcome.
  3. Please play some nice music in the background.

As before, the chocolates rocked.

For address and phone number, click here.


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