Rajvardhan Foods

May 25, 2007

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Heaven for home-sick Maharashtrians, Rajvardhan’s is a tiny little standing room only darshini-type restaurant located in Jayanagar.  Dishing out Marathi dishes such as vada pav, sabudana vada, sabudana kichdi, thalipeet and shrikhand puris, this unassuming place certainly proves that authenticity rocks. 

Of course, we tried the famous vada pav – the spicy, potato vada stuffed between two pieces of tava-toasted pav.  We plunked it into the pungent date (?), tamarind and chilli sauce and bit into it.  The multiple flavours of fiery sauce, the crispy pav and the delicious aloo combined together to give The Best Vada Pav in Bangalore.  Next item – a Gujarathi snack called dabeli.  Similar in structure to a vada pav – a desi sandwich so to speak – only the filling is very different.  This light snack is an exotic mixture of pomegranate, crunchy groundnuts and vegetables between the pav bread and was delicious.  Now completely eager to try more, our next choice was the kanda poha.  Made from poha (avalakki) spiced with green chillies, groundnuts and seasoned with mustard and curry leaves, with a dash of lemon and coriander leaves, it was quite perfect.  And, we washed down this meal with yummy lassi.  

The cost of this entire meal was about Rs.60.  Rajvardhan also sells spice powders such as onion garlic powder and peanut garlic powder and pickles and sweet and salty snacks.  They also serve parathas which are supposedly very good.  Highly recommend you go there for authentic Maharashtrian food. 

For address and phone number, click here.


6 Responses to “Rajvardhan Foods”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Hello all maharashtrian food lovers,

    I went to this Rajwardhan Foods restaurant just coz i heard u will get good maharashtrian food over there…

    but all in all it was a REALLY REALLY BAD EXP. going there…

    Please fill this list if u find any…. at least I couldn’t find anything
    —- – – ————— ————————- ————— ———- —

    1. the food i ordered was one misal – pav ( I wonder if these guys really know anything about misal – pav )

    2. other one i ordered was thalipeeth – it was burnt and SERVED HOT 😦 with bad taste as topping.

    3. 1 butter milk – i dont know what was that……..

    4. THE BIGGEST ONE is the COST……. they charge u like anything… its not at all worth of even 10% of the total amount they charge……………………………………………..

    so guys please be prepared to spend the money for the bad taste if at all u r interested going there…


  2. Hey anonymous, Thanks for your comment. My experience in Rajavardhan was very good. I cannot comment on your experience, but I do disagree with you on the cost. Each of their dishes ranges in cost between Rs.10 and Rs.30. So I don’t think they are expensive at all.

    Also, I wonder why you have not provided a valid email address.

  3. Hemant Says:

    I tried out Rajavardhan yesterday, and i enjoyed the food. Tried out the Vada Pav, Dabeli, and the Sabudana Vada. Considering that its essentially street food, i thought the pricing was a bit expensive (Rs12-15 each), but overall i had a good experience, and will be going back there for more!

  4. Akshay Says:

    Excellent recommendation! We had almost half of the items on the menu and everything was delicious.

  5. surabhi Says:

    im surabhi.iluv all the things in rajvardhan foods.i know dhananjay uncle personally.GO TRY 4 URSELF AND NJOY!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Subhash Rabadia Says:

    I also have very bad experience with this Rajvarrdhan foods. I ordered Dabeli and I also feel that they don’t anything about dabeli. It was very bad in taste and tooooooooo costly. Rs. 14/- for a dabeli is just unimaginable. I can pay Rs. 14/- for a Dabeli in bangalore If I can get the same quality and taste of Dabeli which we are getting in Gujarat or atleast in Maharashtra.

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