May 15, 2007

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If gongura chutney, rasam and idli-vada are what you crave, head over to South Indies. This new vegetarian restaurant specializes in cuisine from Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Andhra and has a sit down restaurant area, a live kitchen, a bar, a business lounge and a party terrace. Interesting, the people behind the restaurant include a 19-year old entrepreneur, a well known chef and cricket commentator and one of the co-founders of Deccanet.

It is located in Indiranagar in a beautiful house converted into a restaurant. Décor is a mixture of contemporary and classic with comfortable tables and chairs with some traditional pieces such as an antique Chettinad mirror and coloured stainless steel tiffin boxes and tumblers. I found the seating slightly crowded.

We visited this restaurant for the buffet lunch on Mother’s Day since I had this craving to touch base with my Tamilian roots. The buffet had live counters dishing out appams and parotas. The appams were excellent with the vegetable stew while the parotas went well with the vendaikai chettinad, ladysfinger in a spicy tamarind and pepper gravy. The tomato rasam was fantastic and so was the drumstick sambar and steamed rice and the beans cooked Andhra style. Other items including the Andhra vegetable biryani and the bottle gourd kootu (a gravy made with dal and vegetables) were good. Sides included papads, mango chutney, chutney pudi and pickles. Dessert included yummy semiya payasam and vanilla ice cream. I finished the meal with perfect filter kapi (it does not come with the buffet) served steaming hot in gleaming stainless steel cup and tumbler. An a la carte menu is also available and included tiffin/snack items like dosas, pongal, uppittu as well as main course dishes.

Valet parking is available. The buffet is priced at Rs.175 per head plus taxes. Crowd consists mainly of families. I recommend you go to this restaurant if you like authentic South Indian cuisine and do not normally eat this kind of food at home.

For address and telephone number, click here.


7 Responses to “Southindies”

  1. SS Says:

    I’d been to South Indies about a month back. I’m not sure about the fare on Mothers Day, but the buffet on a normal day was quite really just about average in terms of variety of items on the menu.

    While I certainly won’t dispute the fact that all items on the menu were very tasty, I am at a loss to justify their prices, especially the a la carte menu.

    It seems to me that such a place has the potential to become a huge hit anywhere north of the Vindhyas, where it would be considered exotic, but I don’t understand how such a place would work right here in South India given its price.

    Then again, I’m not a biz-whiz… so I might be way off and this place might just be a huge hit, reinforcing the fact that I don’t know a thing about how to capture the market.

  2. Hey SS, I thought the buffet was reasonably priced. Not sure about the a la carte menu. I think it may work because there are not too many exclusive South Indian restaurants in that category – there are tiny places where you can get thalis, there is Dakshin which is a five star – but not in between. The day I went there, I just wanted a taste of home, did not want to pay five star prices, did not want to go with my daughter to a tiny Darshini. So I ended up going to South Indies.
    Also, as I pointed out in my post, if you normally do not eat this kind of food at home, you are more likely to enjoy it. While there are plenty of South Indians who do eat authentic food at home, for many others, it is a mish-mash type of cuisine that we eat at home – probably what I learnt, what my spouse and kids like, and what the cook cooks! So for those of us in that category, this place might work.

  3. Uzi Says:


    Great Blog. Love the reviews

  4. Dhivya Says:


    I went there this Saturday and for exactly the same reason you went there. To touch base with my Tamil roots.

    The food was great and Its nice to south Indian restaurant with so much class and sophistication. Usually a south Indian restaurant will turn out to be a Idli vada Pongal joint.

    I loved your blog and the reviews are really honest. Cheers keep up the great work!

  5. ranjan Says:

    I had been to your restaurant yesterday, the food ambience, and sevice is awesome, wish you all the best

  6. Ramesh Sethuraman Says:

    If you plan to visit SouthIndies, Please think twice. I use to be a frequent visitor to southindies and in the recent past the quality of items and service has become really worse.

    The money they charge is some what equal to a five star hotel and quality is as bad as the 2 star restaurants.

    I took my business guests to south indies and had a very horrible experiece right from begining till end. Though the seats were free inside the restaurant, the staff seated us in the outside area. One of the supervisor suggested that there is a chef special for the dinner.

    They were serving hot pineaple juice as ‘soup’ and strawberry milk shake as ‘fruit punch’. The bearer was not interested in serving our group and they were serving wrong items at the wrong time. They were serving one portion of each item for 2 people.

    one of my guest ordered Dosa and they served Dosa, they did not provide Sambar. When we requested for the same, the answer was that “Sorry! We donot serve Sambar for dinner”. I guess no authentic south indian restaurant serves Dosa without Sambar.

    While serving the food they were not providing the side dish when the side dish came we were not served rice.

    For 4 people they simply charged over Rs. 2000 + Tax where actually nothing we enjoyed or rather eat. (all what we enjoyed was Chutney & Pappad”

    We waited for 10 minutes outside in drizzle to board our car near the security gate.

    I gave the feedback to those people for which I had to call them for atleast 10 times. They say that their director and so called “CEO” are too busy to hear customer’s voice

    See the mail which I received after 2 weeks followup. No other restaurant will be this courteous to get more money for their stupid service.

    From: Rakesh Gurung
    Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 11:38:45 +0530
    Subject: Apologies from South indies

    Dear Mr. Ramesh
    Thank you very much indeed for taking the time and trouble to share with us your valuable feedback during your recent visit to Southindies Indiranagar.

    At the outset, please let me extend my sincere apologies for the obvious inconvenience we must have caused you and your guests on the occasions. It is a matter of grave concern to me that our guests were not been taken care off..

    Your comments have been taken up by me personally with the entire team and the learning lessons from this experience were shared with them and effective guidelines communicated to all concerned managers. It is my endeavour to meet and indeed exceed our guest’s expectations, and I truly apologise that this was not the case.

    Mr Ramesh, I truly hope you will give me an opportunity to redeem ourselves. In this regard, please do let me take care of your reservation. I will personally attend to your visit and extend to you special courtesies to ensure that your time with us is a memorable one

    I look forward to welcoming you back to the South indies .

    Kind Regards

    Rakesh Gurung
    Restaurant Manager
    840/A ,South Indies Restaurant
    100 ft Road , Indiranagar
    Bangalore -38
    Ph 41636363
    Mobile- 9972251036

    In total, it is a mockery in the name of authentic south indian cuicine. I believe it is waste of time and money. If you have any queries, please write to me.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ramesh Sethuraman

  7. Kumar Says:

    For 1 ltr Kenly water bottle, they are charging for Rs. 49, for which the actual cost is Rs. 13

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