Cafe Terra

April 30, 2007

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In the mood to hang out at a charming, little café on lazy weekend and indulge in some waffles or crepes?  Café Terra, formerly known as Dek Lekkerbek, is hidden in the first floor of a building in 80 feet road in Koramangala.  Wrong iron and rubberwood furniture, framed prints on the walls and a bookcase in one corner with Tintin comics work together to create a bistro-diner feel.  The restaurant, which specializes in Belgian waffles, has a menu which includes breakfast items such as omelettes, sausages and crepes, lunch options including soups, starters, pastas, noodles and grilled and baked dishes, and a variety of hot and cold beverages.  

Try the Belgian waffles with seasonal fruit.  Our waffles came with sliced bananas and pineapples and decorated with chocolate syrup with a side of maple syrup.  They were delicious.  The ham and cheese crepes were good too although the crepe or the base could have been a bit lighter.  The scrambled eggs which came with toast were fluffy and very well made.  Coffee was passable. 

Service is somewhat slow but friendly.  Parking is available on the road.  Breakfast for two is approximately Rs.250.  Go there for breakfast on a weekend with significant others.  Kids will enjoy the meal too. 

For address and phone number, click here.


One Response to “Cafe Terra”

  1. chitra Says:


    I did go to this place and was very disappointed and a total let down .

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