Cafe Terra

April 30, 2007

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In the mood to hang out at a charming, little café on lazy weekend and indulge in some waffles or crepes?  Café Terra, formerly known as Dek Lekkerbek, is hidden in the first floor of a building in 80 feet road in Koramangala.  Wrong iron and rubberwood furniture, framed prints on the walls and a bookcase in one corner with Tintin comics work together to create a bistro-diner feel.  The restaurant, which specializes in Belgian waffles, has a menu which includes breakfast items such as omelettes, sausages and crepes, lunch options including soups, starters, pastas, noodles and grilled and baked dishes, and a variety of hot and cold beverages.  

Try the Belgian waffles with seasonal fruit.  Our waffles came with sliced bananas and pineapples and decorated with chocolate syrup with a side of maple syrup.  They were delicious.  The ham and cheese crepes were good too although the crepe or the base could have been a bit lighter.  The scrambled eggs which came with toast were fluffy and very well made.  Coffee was passable. 

Service is somewhat slow but friendly.  Parking is available on the road.  Breakfast for two is approximately Rs.250.  Go there for breakfast on a weekend with significant others.  Kids will enjoy the meal too. 

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The Only Place

April 24, 2007

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A slice of old Bangalore where you are likely to see church-goers gather for lunch after their Sunday mass, The Only Place, has moved from its Mota Royal Arcade, Brigade Road location to an outdoorsy area in Museum Road. This continental restaurant is well know for its steaks and apple pie, but also serves sizzlers, pastas, bakes, sandwiches, burgers and salads.

The restaurant is located in a courtyard-type area covered by a Mangalore-tiled roof. Red and white checked tablecloths on the wooden tables emphasize the country atmosphere. Lanterns hanging from the roof and decorative fairy lights give a festive, picnic look. The tables are well spaced and the corners have wooden benches instead of chairs.

While The Only Place does serve vegetarian food, the real deal here is the meats and cuts. The specials of the day are written on a blackboard when you enter the restaurant. For starters we ordered the spicy steak medallions. This consisted of about eight juicy, well done cutlet-size steak pieces marinated with peppers and grilled with a side of French fries. The Greek salad in vinaigrette dressing consisting of lettuce, peppers, onions, olives and feta was good. All this was washed down with a cold bottle of Kingfisher beer which is the only alcohol they serve.

For the main course, we ordered the Chateaubriand Supreme, cooked medium-rare. The Chateaubriand is a type of tenderloin steak that supposedly originates from the Napolean era. It is seasoned with pepper and grilled with pieces of fat (butter or bacon usually) so that it retains its moistness. The Only Place delivered on that promise – the Chateaubriand steak was moist, succulent and delicious – truly a treat for meat lovers. In fact, I think it was the best steak I had in Bangalore. The steaks in this restaurant are served with sides of creamed potatoes, vegetables and garlic bread. You can also customize your plate at an extra cost by adding on pepper or barbeque sauce or jacket potatoes with butter or sour cream (highly recommended).

Dessert options consisted of apple or peach pie, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate tri-layer cake or trifle pudding. I decided to stick to tradition and ordered the apple pie. It was yummy – warm and delicious with the vanilla ice-cream providing the right amount of coolness!

Service is passable – there seem to be a few very knowledgeable old-timers – but there also seem to be an unnecessarily large number of waiters who seem to be just hanging out. Service was efficient but they screwed up two things in our order – they forgot to get us the garlic bread and got me the apple pie with ice-cream although I ordered it with cream (I am not complaining about that – it was still awesome).

The Only Place is located on Museum Road. Parking is available at the parking lot in Raheja Chambers next door. The restaurant is very popular with expats as well the Cantonment crowd and seems to have a lot of regulars frequenting it. Go there if you are a meat lover and when you don’t want to count your calories. It is ideal for a casual dinner with family and friends.

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April 20, 2007

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A vegetarian heaven, this little, hole in the wall restaurant is the place to go for some delicious ghar-ka-khana.  It also serves non-veg but the vegetarian food is what you should indulge in for complete bliss.  Packed at lunch time with the office and college crowd from MG Road and Church Street, Queens is dark and dingy with cave paintings on the rough looking walls.  Chairs and tables are arranged really close to get the maximum usage out of the available space.  Don’t let all this scare you off from tasting the food.  Try their tandoori rotis, stuffed capsicum (a dollop of heaven) or aloo curries and dals.  Terrific – not too spicy, not too oily.  The lemon juice is a winner as well.  The food never fails to impress, it is always fresh and delicious.  Go there when you are tired of the malai koftas and butter chickens. 

Parking is not available – you have to take the risk and look for parking either on Brigade’s, Church Street or MG Road.  Or maybe park at Garuda Mall.  Prices are reasonable and a meal for two is approximately Rs.300.

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Zaman, Hotel Ista

April 3, 2007

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Located near Trinity Circle where Lido theater once stood, Ista is a four star hotel which has two restaurants – Lido, a 24 hour coffee shop serving multicuisine food and Zaman, a formal dining restaurant that serves Awadhi cuisine; and a bar, Liquid.

Zaman is a fine dining restaurant – at the entrance are huge temperature controlled wine shelves stacking about 300 wines. Sparkling wine and water glasses catch the flicker of innumerable candles, huge vases filled with fresh white flowers add to the classic and elegant dinner ambiance and gorgeous chandeliers glitter from the ceilings. On one corner is a glass partition through which you can view the kebab display which extends to allow a view of the open kitchen where the chefs dish out exotic rotis and naans. By one side are chairs and tables arranged like private booths – separators are muslin curtains hanging from the ceiling, a nice touch.

The menu is extensive – and I must say, has excellent vegetarian options, which surprised me, since we usually associate Awadhi cuisine with kebabs and mutton biryani. The dahi ke kebab which is basically a yogurt flavoured vegetable patty is superb. The shama bahar, green chillies stuffed with cottage cheese, was a bit too spicy. The sunhari kannez or chicken kebab was ok. Main courses, especially the vegetarian ones, were fantastic. The tawa ka parantha, subtly flavoured with saffron, is a complete winner. Rich, sweetish flavoured kajur kofta was superb and so was the robust channa masala. The makai phalli, mixed vegetables with corn, was delicious. The murg dum and the dum biryanis, both chicken and vegetable, were good. For dessert, try the malpua rabdi – it is guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

The restaurant is a good, if somewhat pricey option, to celebrate a special occasion. A meal for two without alcohol is approximately Rs.1400. Parking is available inside the hotel.

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