Beijing Bites

March 30, 2007

This review is also available on burrp!

A hipper entrant to south Bangalore suburbia, with its numerous high rise apartment complexes, Beijing Bites, which prides itself on being a new age Chinese and Thai restaurant, is good value for money.  What distinguishes it from older Chinese chains such as Chung Wah is that the menu is not overly Indianized or terribly greasy. 

The place is quite popular with young software techies who live and work around the area and couples who live in the high-rises.  The décor is simple and functional with reddish brow sofas and chairs, Chinese artifacts and red and black photographs on the walls. 

The menu is divided into the Chinese and Thai section. For starters, try the vegetarian or chicken momos.  They are really good – with that faint zing of ginger.  I recommend any of the Thai soups too – some of them are slightly on the spicier side like the Thai chicken and bamboo shoot soup which comes spiced with lemon grass, ginger and red chilli.  For the main course, you can try the steamed rice with the vegetable or chicken in garlic sauce or if you are partial to Thai cuisine like me, they whip up a good Thai red curry. 

Parking is available in the empty plot adjoining Beijing Bites.  Service is quick. A meal for two is approximately Rs.300.  Go to Beijing Bites to catch a quick dinner with friends or with your family on a weekday when you are too bored to cook. 

For address and phone number, click here.


2 Responses to “Beijing Bites”

  1. vj Says:

    Where exactly on the Bannergattha Road? The road is few kms long!

  2. It is near IIM and Purva Heights – you can click on the burrp link for exact address.

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