Kamat Bugle Rock

March 8, 2007

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In the mood to soak in some culture?  Then, head to Kamat Bugle Rock for a taste of authentic Karnataka and some lilting music.  This multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurant serves South Indian, North Indian and Chinese cuisine as well, but the real star of the show is the North Karnataka food. 

The second-floor of this Kamat is reserved for this cuisine and also has a stage where Indian classical music concerts are held.   There is a seating area which accommodates about 35 music lovers. The evening I went there, a sitar concert was going on – very pleasant, and we waited there for our table.  We had a view of the kitchen in the corner and admired the dexterity of the chefs as they made jowar rotis on an open flame.

The North Karnataka meals are served on plantain leaves – and the place had a wedding atmosphere.  When we entered, the smiling hostess (she reminded me of my aunt – decked in a gorgeous Kanjeevaram sari with a strand of jasmine tucked into her hair) asked us to be seated and enjoy the concert until a table was available.  In 5-10 minutes, a polite gentleman led us to our table and we were seated. 

The very friendly waiters started serving the food – courses after courses of dishes I don’t know the name of.  Highlights included the main course – the jowar rotis and the yennegai, a brinjal curry. There were also sprouted salads, raita, a spinach playa and of course, white rice, superb drumstick sambhar and rasam.  All the items are unlimited and the waiters kept checking on us and making sure we ate well, including my 3-year old daughter who got special treatment.  The special meal which we had requested, also came with extras of holige, mensinkai (or green chill) bajji and a fruit salad with ice cream.  Very nice!  The meal ended with a plate of plantains and paan.

Kamat Bugle Rock is a located in old-world Basavangudi.  The décor is purely functional, the atmosphere is lively and the staff is very friendly. Don’t go there expecting a romantic evening – go there to savour and soak in some North Karnataka culture.

Parking is available on the road outside the restaurant.  A regular North Karnataka meal is priced at Rs.70 and the special meal is priced at Rs.100 per head. 

For address and phone number, click here.

For details on the concert schedules, click here.


One Response to “Kamat Bugle Rock”

  1. ammadio Says:

    Been there 5 times. Quite consistent. One of the places in south bangalore to take visitors out for something local.

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