February 28, 2007

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There are those usual restaurants where you go on the spur of the moment and then there are those like Grasshopper – which are reserved for those really special occasions that require thought and planning.  All I can say is that you will not be disappointed. 

Grasshopper is housed in a beautiful farmhouse that combines a chic boutique with a fabulous European restaurant.  It is located off Bannerghatta road, beyond IIM and Meenakshi Temple – but needless to say, this off-beat location adds to the charm of being in a place far from all the madness and traffic.  The minute you reach Grasshopper, you can feel the peace and quite.

You enter through the boutique which has all the charm of a Greenwich Village store – a painted red door, exposed cement blocks, and lovely designer clothes and jewellery.  I could not take my eyes off a ruffled, bohemian black dress – it looked perfect, and pair of red sandals – but all the stuff comes at a pretty steep (I am sure, very well-deserved) price.  Jazz music plays in the background.

The outdoor dining area is situated amidst a lovely garden and accommodates about thirty people.  You need to reserve a day in advance – and there is no fixed menu – the chef cooks up a seven-course spread – so, when you get there, you don’t have to take the trouble of ordering; each course appears in front of you.  Do declare your preference regarding vegetarian, non-vegetarian, red meat and fish when you reserve.  Of course, you have to trust the chef – but I can assure you he knows his job and it shows – the food is made from the freshest ingredients and tastes divine.

Elegant fresh flowers decorate the trendy circular tables (the furniture looks like it is from The Design Store) and if you are there for dinner, candlelight adds to the warmth and romance.  There is a menu for drinks – a select choice of white and red wines, and some other beverages.  We selected the ginger lime vodka and it was absolutely perfect – tangy, with just a hint of ginger.  Then the meal began – course after course of delicious food – olive and mushroom crostini, figs and goat cheese with argula, a salad of the most luscious pears, walnuts and lettuce with parmesan cheese, poached seabass in lemon and tender veal with a side of perfectly cooked vegetables; and all this with a side of freshly baked bread.   For dessert, we tried the chocolate truffle with kiwi and the fig and almond ice-cream – both winners. 

I went there for dinner – it was superb – but I have a feeling that lunch in that gorgeous garden will be even better.  Prices are a bit steep – Rs.1000 per head, but the entire experience is well worth the cost.  The place lets you savour your meal and the laidback, unhurried ambiance combined with the fabulous food allows you to linger and enjoy pleasant memories.  Go there for the next celebratory occasion in your life or for a very romantic evening. 

For address and phone number, click here.


2 Responses to “Grasshopper”

  1. Nidhi Says:

    I totally agree!! Grasshopper is an amazing experience!

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