Punjabi Times

February 21, 2007

This review is also available on burrp!

Went there based on gourmand’s review – and completely agree – pleasant Punjabi ambiance, family-friendly and nice food.  Situated right opposite Shoppers Stop, the restaurant seems to be doing brisk business feeding the tired and hungry shoppers.  Décor consists of pots on the walls, a mural that depicts a village scene from Punjab and lantern-shaped lamps.  The chairs are arranged a bit too close for privacy and there are diwans with cushions against the walls.  Bhangra music plays in the background.   Service is very quick and courteous. 

We began our meal with tamatar adrak ka shorba (the tomato soup) and the murg tikka .  Both were good.  The tikka was really cooked in a tandoor and had a perfectly grilled flavour.  The main course consisted of the tandoori roti and the murg batinda, chicken cooked home-style in an onion and tomato gravy.  Again, very good.  None of the dishes were overtly spicy – but had the right amount of flavour. 

Took gourmand’s word about the bathrooms and did not check them out!

Valet parking is available at the restaurant.  Go there with your family for a pleasant meal.  You will not go wrong if you pick the tandoor dishes. 

For address and phone number, click here.


One Response to “Punjabi Times”

  1. rahul Says:

    well me also mangaged to get a place for 4 on sun in punjabi times ,the waiting time was almost like 15 min , the food and especially the decor was awsome.. hope evry one has a goos experience there
    see u

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