Casa Picola

February 19, 2007

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Finding this place made my day. I have passed by this Casa’s several times but ignored it since I assumed that it is like the other ones – good but nothing special. Decided to step into it after an afternoon out to get something cool to drink and was pleasantly very surprised, to put it mildly!!!

This Casa’s is HUGE – it is 3 levels – and has the open air outdoorsy feel of all the other branches. What is really special about it is that it has a covered terrace more like Casa del Sol (the lounge on Residency Road which is run by the same people), lovely patio furniture, Spanish looking tiles – and a neat bar. Very, very loungable – and in this part of the city – surely it is much-needed. Step in and sip on your drink and you will that forget you are in Jayanagar, much less in 4th block.

I had an iced tea – they make it there, not some canned or bottled stuff. I asked him to put less sugar – and he made it perfectly. My friend had a rum punch and pronounced it yummy. We did not eat anything – but chatted for a few hours – no one bothered us and the place was pretty much empty at 4 pm.

I am sure the place is lovely in the evenings too, I noticed strategically placed beautiful lamps – and if you are looking for a place for a romantic date or to lounge about with your friends in South Bangalore – this surely is a must-try!

For address and phone number, click here.


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