January 24, 2007


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Svad is a North Indian restaurant in Koramangala and serves Rajasthani food only in the weekends. Went to this place based on India Today’s Simply Bangalore recommendation for authentic regional cuisine (Rajasthani)– and well, I am not so impressed.

The décor here is very functional. The downstairs area has sweets, chaats and a ton of quick eats while the upstairs consists of the sit-down restaurant section. The décor in the restaurant reminded me of Indian restaurants in the US – the $6.99 buffet in places with names like Taj something or Taste of some city in India. Pink and green muslin curtains separated the hookah (yes, they have hookahs available – though I did not see anyone ask for it) section from the dining area and Rajasthani handicrafts with mirrors hung from the ceiling. Artificial plants placed strategically in corners finished the picture – sort of a North Indian Shanti Sagar!

We decided to order the Rajasthani thali. Priced at Rs.105, it comes with three varities of rotis/breads – the bajra and makai rotis and the bafla batis. The sides included gatte ke saag, qwarfali ka saag and dal. Also some kichri, papad, garlic chutney and very delicious mango pickle (thums up – I wanted to buy a bottle of it). All the rotis were so so dry – it was like eating a meal in a desert and thankfully the buttermilk that came with the thali saved the day. Now, don’t tell me that Rajasthani food is supposed to taste like that – I have eaten authentic homemade Rajasthani food at my friends homes and in Rajasthani weddings as well as in restaurants – and while they use a lot of dried pulses and legumes in their cooking, you definitely are not left with a terribly parched throat and a compelling craving for a jug of liquid. The dal and vegetables were passable.

This restaurant is ok to visit if you are in the Koramangala area, but definitely not worth trekking to from other parts of the city. The service at Svad is excellent – the waiters were extremely courteous. Parking is available on the street. A meal for two will be approximately Rs.300.

Svad is located at 140, 60 Feet Main Road, 5th Block Koramangala, Bangalore, ph:25503267.


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