January 12, 2007

Want to tell your friends about the cool bar you went to last weekend?   Or do you need restaurant recommendations for that romantic dinner date?

Welcome to burrp!, an online platform that allows users to write, share and check out local reviews and create their own online community for social events.  This Mumbai based startup, at present, is live for Mumbai and Bangalore.   Currently, you can sign up, create a profile, rate and review restaurants, bars and cafes, and invite friends to open a burrp! account but soon other features such as local events listings, cool search features and online ticketing will be added.  The site also allows you to add new establishments and to send a free sms to your phone with restaurant details.  More sms based features, including sms searches are on the way. 

I think burrp! is different from other review sites since it focuses solely on the fun and party aspect and emphasizes on local content.  I am so impressed with them – that I am joining the burrp! team – as Community Manager for Bangalore.  Check out the post regarding this on the burrp! blog.

Among other things, my responsibilities at burrp! will include making sure that the bangalore burrp! site is the place to go for all things fun, entertaining and relaxing in Bangalore.

So, go on, sign up on the burrp! site and let your voice be heard!!  And let me know your comments, feedback and wish-list of features that you would want burrp! to have. 


5 Responses to “burrp!”

  1. hey that sounds good.. so we would be interacting pretty often now… 🙂

  2. blr bytes Says:


    So you’re Meenakhi?

  3. Congratulations,

    Great to see some good people moving onto helping burrp out.

    On behalf of the Burrp US Team, I welcome you.

    Paul Dhaliwal

  4. Thank you, Paul. Looking forward to working with burrp!

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