January 4, 2007

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A cool Italian wave seems to be sweeping over Bangalore with several gelato parlours (click here for “What is gelato?”) opening up- Mamma Mia, Gelato Pazzo and Deluca’s. Deluca’s on Church Street is located in the Daily Bread outlet, apparently they plan on having a counter in the Daily Bread main branch in Koramangala also.

Deluca’s serves regular gelatos, sugar free gelatos, sorbettos and yogurts. They claim that they make them fresh everyday and that their gelatos have “less than ½ the calories and ¼ the fat and sugar content of regular ice creams” and that the gelatos and yogurts are 96% fat free and the sorbettos are 100% fat free. All I can say is that regardless of whether they are fresh or sugar free or low fat, they absolutely rock!

Ask the helpful guy at the counter for samples to taste – and you won’t go wrong. Being a chocolate and coffee addict, I had the tiramisu – and it was a complete winner! Nut lovers will not be able to resist to the Pistacchio Natura and the Croccantino which is made with mixed nuts. And for packaged chocolate and cookie worshippers – there’s Ferrero Rocher and Oreo. In addition, they also have sinful sundaes, frappes and milkshakes.

Deluca’s is located at Daily Bread, #36/1, Church Street, Bangalore, ph: 32919774. The gelatos, sorbettos and yogurts cost between Rs.45 and Rs.60, and the sudaes are priced between Rs.130 to Rs.200. One portion of gelato is two scoops and is not very large.

So go on – pick up a sandwich or salad from Daily Bread, choose your gelato, find a nice table – and enjoy. Ciao!


4 Responses to “Deluca’s”

  1. Tara Says:

    Hey! Nice post. Though i personally detest gelatos. I like my icecream to be milky and creamy and simple – gelatos fail on all counts (for me). I did give it a shot at Mama Mia’s (on CMH Road, Indiranagar) and was sorely disappointed.

    But maybe you’ll like it. I know my friends adore Mama Mia’s.

    Paddy directed me to your blog and i loved it.


  2. Hi Tara, Thanks for visiting… and keep stopping by.

  3. John Rambow Says:

    I’m more of an ice cream guy myself, but I’ll def. have to check out these places. Gelato is hella expensive back in NYC for some reason (much more than ice cream), I suppose because it’s more exotic. I better stock up now (in my belly).

  4. Mamma Mia in Indiranagar is supposed to be good too! Try it out and let me know.

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