A Mangalorean Christmas

December 28, 2006

Celebrated Christmas 2006 with family in Mangalore – in true Mangalorean style – midnight mass, lots and lots of food, wine, music and boisterous family gatherings. The weather in Mangalore was awesome – pleasant, not too hot or humid.

What did I eat on Christmas day?

Kusvar (Konkani word for Christmas sweets and savories) – which includes everything from rose cookies, kal kals, neuvrios (fried snack with coconut stuffing), rice marbles, fruit cakes (my favourite is the banana cake), thukdis.

Food – prawn pulao, beef chilli, sannas (of course), pork curry, chicken curry and cucumber salad.

Drink – Sula wine (the shiraz) and Goan port wine (delicious).

A lovely X’mas indeed!


5 Responses to “A Mangalorean Christmas”

  1. blr bytes Says:

    Tell me, you being Manglorean and all, is Anupams Coastaal Express authentic?

  2. ebitmanagement Says:

    Sound delicious.
    We had ham, herring, boiled eggs, meatballs, sucages, bread and cheese.


  3. blr bytes – Not been to Anupam’s coastal express – will try it out.
    btw -I am not Manglorean, I am married to one 🙂

  4. Doesnt matter. At the end of day what matters is what goes into your belly 🙂

    Isnt it???

  5. ebitmanagement Says:

    Happy New Year !

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