December 20, 2006

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Cosmopolitan ambiance, huge bay windows that bring in the sunshine, coupled with the fact that the restaurant serves Punjabi food and has an extensive wine list, make Bayleaf a popular choice with the techie crowd. The smart wooden furniture, abstract glass art, luxurious table cloths and water spiked with basil and lemons lend a very international flavour to the place. The tomato dhania shorba was excellent – light, fragrant and delicious. The zaffrani chawal and the murg adraki were good too – not too spicy, with a nice homemade taste. The kebabs here are very popular and so are the stuffed rotis – unfortunately, I was not hungry enough that day to try them.

Bayleaf is located at 1, Raheja Arcade, Koramangala, ph:25535050. It is ideal for a business lunch or for a romantic dinner. A meal for two without alcohol is approximately Rs.500. Best bet for parking is the Forum mall parking complex.


3 Responses to “Bayleaf”

  1. Sri Says:

    This is to share my experience with ‘Bay Leaf’. Me and my wife had a dinner plan in ‘Grameen’ located in the same place on friday and some how that didn’t work and had to go to this particular restaurant.

    All the dishes where extremely costly. biriyani @ 500, chicken dishes @ 475..etc.. I dont find any reason for charging like that. I had been to many hotels in bangalore. Cost of items in this hotel were comparable only to star hotel menus in terms of prices, but I couldn’t find any thing other than price to compare this restaurant with star hotels, Even basic things like service, Infrastructure, Ambiance..any thing.

    What prompted me to write this mail is the end part of this story. I usually dont tip to waiters unless I feel satisfied. We had 3 roties and one Veg dish from this restaurant. I certainly dont want to waste my money by simply paying to some hotel ppl who are not worth for it. But on that day, I left 5 rupees as tip though I didn’t wanted to do it. Waiter didn’t like this and he gave it back to me. Was absolutely fine with me. At least I saved 5 rupees. 5 Rupees is valuable for me , if not for that waiter. He brought the slip for card payment I did. I just kept it in my pursue. Next day, I just happened to notice that, there was a print in the downside of the slip saying ‘Thank you, please come again’. This was crossed with pen, for telling me that please dont come here again. I felt so humiliated seeing this. But unfortunately, I didn’t notice this on that day of having food from there. Rather than going there and fighting with them, I thought this is the best way, sharing this experience with everyone.

  2. Tarzan Says:

    Food at Bay Leaf is not that great at all. The prices on the contrary are high. What kind of business is this. :). Rudeness of waiters guaranteed.

  3. Abs Says:

    I bet the restaurant need to look into its pricelist again. They are beating Leela at few places….
    I had few opportunities to visit this exotic place.

    The previous comments were so right about waiter’s behaviour. They have attitude!!!! I would not recommend it for a family outing for sure.

    Yes, for business lunch or dinner, its good and even waiters are little more courteous may be because they expect heavy tipping.

    Other way of getting a good service is to show a 50 rupee note when you enter the restaurant to a waiter serving you and see how he will be drooling all the time.

    Bottom line- Keep off that place if you are going with family or friends

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