December 15, 2006

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An excellent option for lovers of authentic Thai and Chinese food, Magnolia is a restaurant located in a really nice part of Koramangala within an enormous stone bungalow.

A good amount of pink has been used in the interiors (calm down guys, there is a plus side to this, just read on), and as a result, there are plenty of all-girl groups lunching and dining here (see I told you!). In any case, I did’nt think that the pink was too overwhelming and the restaurant does look cozy and warm. If you still would prefer a more manly hangout, the terrace is a nice place with bamboo and plants, and is especially nice for that intimate candlelight dinner where you can focus only on your girlfriend. The indoor seating is popular with families and large groups.

I started my meal with the Thai chicken and lemongrass coconut soup – every drop was delicious. A complementary plate of pickled salad appeared in front of me – kimchee (pickled cabbage) and pickled carrots and cucumbers – the kind that goes with satay – absolutely yummy. For starters, I had the Thai chicken chilli basil and the Chinese-style stuffed pepper bean curd. The former was marinated, barbecued chicken – spicy but hearty. The bean curd was fantastic – I am not a big tofu fan – but this semi-gravy dish rocked. Since the portions are enormous, I just about managed to eat the main course – steamed rice and Thai chicken mudsamman curry, but it was completely worth stuffing myself. Magnolia is a good option for vegetarians as well – they have a vast range of vegetarian stir fries and curries. Portions are huge, so order with care. And if you must have beer, you can, since that is the only alcohol they serve.

Magnolia is located at 840, 7th Cross, 15th Main, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore, ph:41102222. (If you are coming from St.John’s on to 80 ft road, take a right turn after the BDA complex – Magnolia is located on this road, on the right). Parking is available on the road, or on the particularly lovely side street, which has beautiful villas and trees. A meal for two with beer is approximately Rs.850.


2 Responses to “Magnolia”

  1. chaitra Says:

    Totally agree.. but from a vegetarian perspective… 🙂
    I am not sure if you have tried out the following already… but just a suggestion..
    -Little Italy in Indiranagar (pure vegetarian though..)
    -Tamarind in Koramangala, Ring Road (Place is a bit stuffy but food is good)
    -Queens on Church street (again a very cramped place.. but excellent food..)

  2. Like Little Italy a lot … but it has been a while since I went there, hence no review. Same story with Queens – fantastic food, but hav’nt been there in a ages.

    Tamarind in Koramangala – you are the first to recommend it and I will add it to my list of restaurants to visit.

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