Daily Bread

December 8, 2006

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This gourmet bakery whips up everything from muffins, salads, cookies, pastries, sandwiches and quiches, but what is really spectacular are their breads and sandwiches. Their breads, which are sold at supermarkets including Namdharis and Fabmall, are varied in range, fresh and delicious. The whole wheat loaf is an absolute hit, but for something with a twist, try the Dakshin Housewife’s Loaf – spiced with cumin and curry leaves, the chocolate brioche, or the Welsh Fruit loaf which is perfect for tea-time.

The sandwiches are available only in the Daily Bread outlets and are pre-made and packaged, but tasty. For lunch, try the Madras curry chicken panini or my favourite, lamb kheema sandwich with mint mayo. Vegetarian options are plenty too and just as delicious – barbecue paneer and corn on foccacia bread and the roast spring veggie wrap. You can ask them to warm it up for you. The hearty club sandwiches are a good option as well. Most sandwiches range in price from Rs.55 to Rs.85.

The salads (the Greek salad and the Mediterranean pasta salad are good options) and other usual baked goodies including tea cakes, chocolate chunk muffins, apple and cinnamon danish, the chicken sausage danish are reasonably good if they are fresh. I don’t recommend the cookies or the biscotti, as they have neither been particularly memorable or fresh. They have a wide range of cakes, pastries and desserts – the mango fresh cream pastry and the pistachio praline and apricot are yummy.

Daily Bread seems to have an interesting and extensive catering menu as well, although I have never tried it. Choices include finger sandwiches platter, mini pizzas and luxury cakes. They deliver for orders over Rs.1000.

Daily Bread is headquartered in Koramangala and has branches across the city. The Koramangala outlet has outside seating available but the road is dusty and the chairs are too close to the road, so the better option might be to ask for takeout. The Church Street branch is more chic and has indoor air-conditioned seating.

Address: Daily Bread, 43, 4th B Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala Industrial Area, Koramangala, Bangalore-95, ph: 2563-1302/1304.

Timings: 9:30 am to 8:30 pm

Branches: Church Street, Indiranagar, Bangalore Central, Forum Mall (inside Fabmall), Koramangala (inside Big Bazaar), Banshankari (inside Big Bazaar) and Ulsoor.


13 Responses to “Daily Bread”

  1. hey..just wanted to let u know that daily bread does not take any home delivery orders on phone.. u have to personally be there and pay them an advance to confirm your delivery order..

  2. Tara Says:

    I live very close to the Indiranagar one. The problem with Daily Bread is that their desserts are exorbitantly priced!!! Really!

    But the savouries are quite reasonably priced and the coffee is really good (even better than Coffee Day).

    The Chinese bun with Egg and Cheese is my favorite while my friend swears by the Madras curry panini

  3. Rakshit Says:

    I would like if they could put up Calory chart with grams of Protein, Carbs and Fat in it. Specially in Whole wheat bread and Spinach Bread which they claim to be Healthy.

  4. I hear you Rakshit… for more on healthy choices in popular places – wait for my post on http://www.burrp.com. Burrp will be launching burrp! blah – a community of bloggers on fun, food and lifestyle – and there will be info and ideas on a lot of such topics.

  5. Suchitra Says:

    I want to know the nutritional value of Daily’s Whole
    wheat bread.
    My daughter loves that, and prefers to eat it everyday.

  6. hi Suchitra.. thanks for stopping by. I am not exactly sure about the nutritional value of the whole wheat bread, will try to find out for you. I went on a health food trail with Sheela Krishnaswamy, a nutritionist. You can read about it here:

    From what I understood from my conversation with her, I think it is acceptable to eat it everyday (it does not have maida in it, just whole wheat grain) but not just the bread alone – you have to balance the meal with servings of protein and vegetables.

  7. Binish Besheer Says:

    Kool really Kool ..saved a lots of bucks and time thanks blore belly … also daily bread service highly impressive 🙂 cheers

  8. rajasekhar Says:

    I request u to know …. As my wife is pregnant which wine is suitable for her , with very very very less alocholic percentage ( OR) which brand would u suggest for pregnant womens . Some doctor suggested me that taking wine for pregnant is very good. I am sending request for u because Daily bread Gourmet Foods has a wide veriety of wines importing from other countries.

    Thanking u,


  9. Hey Rajashekar, As per my knowlege alcohol is any amount is a strict no-no during pregnancy. I suggest your wife consult a doctor before she consumes anything alcoholic.

  10. Sanity Says:


    Just as someone mentioned above,it would be nice to see the nutritional info on the whole wheat bread.I also feel adding sugar to the whole wheat bread kinda kills the whole purpose of eating it.Just my two cents 😉

    Y ON EARTH DOES NONE OF THE BAKERIES HERE IN INDIA SELL PEANUT BUTTER??!!..I’m a BIG fan of peanut butter,but only managed to find Skippy(natural)peanut butter ONCE in daily bread..I dont use the regular peanut butter since it’s got the crappy hydrogenated oils in em.I prefer Natural peanut butter.

    Suggestion- MORE PEANUT BUTTER pls!!

  11. Tommy Says:

    Can any of u tell how to make a pizza with the Dailybread pizza base.(pizza bread)

  12. Swathi Says:

    You guys have to try otu Daily Bread’s Walnut Brownie. Nothing is better that that one. It crispy, nutty, and caramel taste is perfect. The other brownies are like hard cake, but not this one…Oh I also love the walnut on it and the icing is just perfect…Wish some one can give me its recipe…thanks;

  13. Vikram Says:

    Sandwiches are great here, but they run out of stock in the evening, which is a bug turn off!
    Here are some nic pics of this outlet…


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