November 21, 2006

Umerkot serves traditional Indian and Mughal cuisine, with recipes popularized by the khansamahs or chefs from Emperor Akbar’s famed kitchen. The food here is delicious and a change from the usual Indian joints serving chicken tikka masala. The emphasis on traditional has resulted in delicately spiced food that retains its original flavour. The murgh jehangir or the chicken clear soup will warm up your soul and the murgh ki chaanp or the chicken legs marinated in lemon and cumin is wholesome and grilled. However, the real winner in Umerkot is the dum biryani – try the zafrani biryani for a taste of heaven with the murgh-e-firdaus or chicken in a rich, nutty sauce as a side dish.

The restaurant is located in a huge bungalow where the upper floors consist of service apartments and the ground floor houses the restaurant and bar. The décor is neat and simple and the restaurant is ideal for a business lunch or a family dinner. There is seating available in an outdoor covered courtyard or in the AC dining hall which has the adjoining lounge bar. There is valet parking available. Umerkot is located at #30, 80 Ft Main Road, ST Bed, Koramangala, Bangalore-34, ph:  25500426.


12 Responses to “Umerkot”

  1. this is awesome man…me a food freak too

    chk out one of my posts

    is this blog inspired from it…dunno

  2. Hey Abhishek
    Thanks for stopping by…
    saw your post .. wish I could say that the name of my blog was inspired by it :)… but it is a coincidence.

    Keep visiting!

  3. nice coincidence, and will keep visitin the space for sure, i have got heavy interests in food for sure…:)

  4. Deepak Michael Says:

    Took your word for the review and went down there last Saturday. I have to say I wasn’t expecting all that much- an image posted of the restaurant at another site being the prime reason for the same. I should say the parking space didn’t do much to change the impression. But after that, I have to admit I pretty much enjoyed the experience of dining at the place. I went by your choices for the choice of meal options and came back very satisfied. Looking forward to your reviews all the more now.

  5. I am glad you had a good time… do keep visiting my blog.. and give me feedback too 🙂

  6. saaya Says:

    hey I was searching for review abt Spiga. Any suggestions ?

  7. Sunil Says:

    The Phone number is 25500426 and not the other numbers mentioned on this site…gonna check out this place today…

  8. Thanks Sunil Will update it

  9. Rahul Says:

    They have finally added a few new desserts to there menu.There is also a few new names on the menu. Tasted a new chicken dish-excellent. Chef there seems to be coming out with dishes that is very different from the normal fare.
    Somehow, all my visits to Umerkot has been fantastic.

  10. Jo jo Says:

    I have heard quiet a bit of this joint. I bet next time am in Bengaluruuu I will get my tastebuds tickling here.
    Nice blog for food lovers…

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