Bombay Post

November 16, 2006

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Step into Bombay in the 1960s – gleaming marble table tops, elegant cream-coloured walls contrasting with polished mahogany rafters, black and white posters of Dev Anand, Pran and Nargis, and Mohammed Rafi melodies in the background. The food at Bombay Post is reminiscent of this theme as well, and tries to capture the varied flavours of Mumbai cuisine.

Begin your meal with the ganne ka ras or sugarcane juice – they have a sugarcane crusher in their kitchen, so you can enjoy the drink without the germs! For starters, the baida roti and chaats are excellent and for non-veggies, the kebabs and the batti ka chop are good choices. A special mention about the paneer dishes – they are out of the world, the paneer is fresh and delicate. For the main course, my favourites include both the paneer and chicken patiala with kulchas. The street food inspired fish fry as well as the mutton are fantastic. The biryanis, the chicken dum biryani and the methi vegetarian biryani, are worth trying. I was not too impressed with the desserts – which includes kulfis – my recommendation would be to go to Corner House, which is located in the same complex, for dessert.

Bombay Post is the ideal place to go with a big group of friends or co-workers. There is plenty of seating and the place combines a rare atmosphere of warmth, charm and privacy. A big plus here is the valet parking. Cost for a meal for two is approximately Rs.700. Bombay Post is located (in the same complex as TGIF) at Carlton Towers, 1, Airport Road, Bangalore, ph:41113939.


5 Responses to “Bombay Post”

  1. SuzyQ Says:

    I happened to be browsing and saw this. I work on Airport road and it is indeed a good place to eat. The sugarcane juice is refreshing!
    My friends and I always order the same thing, Batti ka chop, Saffron Rice, Chatpata Aloo kurkuri and Dal Makhani. We tend to stick to the tried and true!
    Some of the cocktails are great too.
    However, be warned it’s difficult to a table on Fridays and the weekends and you’ll sometimes wait for almost an hour. But one things, it’s well worth the wait!

  2. Sugarcane juice is the best to start with @ Bombay Post! yummy!!

  3. CrazyGobbler Says:

    Beware of the mosquitoes… I recently had a business lunch at Bombay Post and we spent a lot of time driving the mosquitoes from our table 😦

    Food is good though…

  4. Vishal Tomar Says:

    I love Karara Palak Chat for starters, it’s simply delicious. And then the biryanis they serve especially the one with “methi”. I can say that Bombay Post is one of the best places to dine at.

  5. ammadio Says:

    The tandoori paneer, a huge blocks of paneer looked very intimidating but turned out to be very tasty.

    Interiors would not mind some sprucing up.

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