Chung Wah

November 8, 2006

There was a time when eating Chinese food in Bangalore was synonymous with Chung Wah. The young crowd could not get enough of the chowmeins and the manchurians and would hang out at the Residency Road restaurant after catching a movie at Symphony or Rex (I do realize I am completely giving away my age with this post!) . Now of course, things have changed a great deal – there are lots of options if you like Chinese food, Chung Wah is a chain and college kids hang out in malls. In any case, I was in a nostalgic mood, and I decided to try out the newly opened Chung Wah on Bannerghatta Road. It used to be a restaurant called Wok and Grill but apparently Chung Wah has taken over the management of this place.

For starters, I tried the chicken drums of heaven, which consisted of around 6 pieces of fried chicken legs – it was as delicious as I remembered. I also sampled the pan-fried momos , a lower calorie option which is available with chicken or vegetarian filling, and it was good as well. Both the starters were not too spicy. For the main course, the Malaysian noodles, a flat noodle with a pea-nutty flavour, hit the right spot. I also tasted two Schezwan dishes, the Schezwan fried rice and the Schezwan chicken in sauce. I did not love either – they were too spicy and too oily.

The bill for all this food, which was enough to feed 3-4 people, was Rs.400. All Chung Wahs are done up in unbiqtious Chinese style – the ambiance is passable. Don’t go here looking for a gourmet, fine dining experience. But if you crave some soul food, or a quick takeout, it is a reasonable option. ChungWah is located at #3, Bannerghatta Road, Arekere Gate, I Floor, Bangalore, ph: 41215333.   They have branches in all many places and deliver to nearby areas.


6 Responses to “Chung Wah”

  1. silkboard Says:

    Chung Wah Residency Road is my favorite too, just that I go there less often now.

    Lots of good options for Veggies there. Garlic Tofu like dish and Dan Mein (its like veggie fried noodles) were my favorites, though these may not be on the menu now.

    There is a Chung-Wah owned place this side too, at Marathahalli. Its called Wok-with-Chung. Not as good as original though.

  2. Manjit Says:

    Chung wah is the best chinese restaurant in bangalore. Have you tried the latest menu? Its Supper dah!

  3. Hi Manjit, have not tried the latest menu.. which branch of Chung Wah did you go to?

  4. Aman Says:

    We found a dead mosquito in food at ChungWah Residency Road. We were sitting downstairs and even after finding the insect the waiter insisted wde pay the bill….!! After that I have not been there.

  5. Yeshwanth Says:

    I am a huge fan Chungwah food.You guys should try the other branch called Wok with Chung at Marthahalli after Sunday shopping at the factory outlets.This place has very good momos and pork spare ribs. also their latest branch again called Chungwah at 60ft road Vth Block Koramangala is really fabulous.The Siu mais and pork chops are great. Plus they have lot of thai dishes as well.
    Bad luck Aman.They always dont charge in such cases.

  6. bopanna Says:

    The Chung WAh in Koramangala is really good . So is the service.Wee bit expensive for a Chinese Joint.

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