Hungry Bangalore

November 6, 2006 is a free online service that lets you browse menus, reserve tables, order takeout or delivery at various restaurants in Bangalore, all through the click of a mouse and the comfort of your chair. It is not a food delivery service, they just convey your order to the restaurant. I tried it out this weekend and I love it!

Currently, has around 100 restaurants listed. I looked up the restaurants near my neighbourhood and found that not all had the takeout and delivery service option. I picked one which did, browsed the menu, added my choices to the shopping cart and gave the order, for which I had to enter my email id. Within seconds, I received an email which gave me an order number. An online form on the their webpage prompted me to give my name, address, phone number and the order number, and when I wanted the food delivered (I checked “as soon as possible”). The minute that was done, I received another email which listed my order, along with my name and address details.

As I was waiting for the food to show up, I received a phone call from telling me that the restaurant I had picked, although close by, did not deliver to my street. The person on the other end was very courteous and pleasant and suggested other restaurants which do deliver to my home.

I went back online, picked one of the places she had suggested and ordered the food from there. I received a phone call from the restaurant telling me that they would be delivering the order in one hour, and was that ok. I said it was. Another phone call, this time from to confirm that the restaurant had called. In exactly one hour, the food showed up, steaming hot. No screw ups on the order, professional service, and I did not have to go out in the rain! Makes for a happy dinner. is definitely on the right track and I highly recommend this service. For more information, visit


21 Responses to “Hungry Bangalore”

  1. sunil Says:

    Toooooo many calls and toooooooo many email is this necessary? just to order food,

    Just ring up to restaurants near by your place and you will be getting the same in 30 to 45 minutes… How is so special

  2. The emails and phone calls for me ensured that the food was what I ordered and that it arrived on time. And I was kept in the loop through the whole process. Giving food orders on the phone can sometimes be frustrating, you have to get the right person online, they should understand what you are saying, they should not screw up your order or your address… I personally liked the fact that this service reduced the likelihood of such incidents. And the phone calls and the emails were confirmatory in nature and did not take more than a few seconds.

  3. Thanks Meenakshi for the blog.. This is esp for Mr.Sunil to clarify his doubts:) We usually do not make unnecesarry calls or send mails.. The process is to send an order code, you confirm your order with the order code, a mail is sent to you with the order.. you get a confirmation mail saying your order has been recieved and it will be delivered at whatever time you have specified. sometimes there are cases when restaurants don’t deliver in that area or when bcz of traffic they would take more time.. only in those cases we follow up with a call to the customer.

    The difference between and your prefered method is: this is hassle free, u get a lot of choices in your area, you don’t have to look out for restaurant’s number, you get to see the entire menu online along with the taxes, delivery conditions etc..and someone else is making sure that ur order is delivered..for us customer is MOST IMP and our service has to be THE BEST.

  4. Sandipan Says:

    Amazing concept, keep the good work going. We Bangalorians really need this kind of Stuff

  5. Babitha Says:

    It takes an hour or so for home delivary —–By that time we can go to near by restaurants and then finish our meal and come back home. Why do we need our area’s close by restaurants on the list– one of my friend suggested me to use hungrybanglore online food service and i am stuck by this doubt?????

  6. I agree it takes some time for the delivery. But its the same in case you call up the restaurant for delivery. Our aim is not to reduce the delivery time(which is next to impossible when u get stuck in bangalore traffic).. but to ease your life by giving you an option to have your favourite food at home. We gaurantee an assured delivery..And lets say you go to a restaurant in the peak hours..I don’t think you would be done in an hour. and the time you spend there waiting for your food can always spent at home doing something productive.. or atleast relaxing:-)

  7. renu Says:

    i live abroad,hence this doubt!.can i order online for my parents at b’lore?.will u guys deliver?.i wud love to do that for them sometime just to surprise them u know!.

  8. Hi,
    Right now we do not have online payments but we are working on it.. it should be integrated in some time. In case you would want to get some food delivered to ur parents before that, you can mail me at and we will get it delivered while you can make payement to our bank acc directly..

  9. swathi Says:


    It takes too much of time to get in and veiw the menu on your website and by the time i select and order the time consumed is more if I am put up in malleshwaram can I order from a place in kormangala——if not then why should I use your service—- if yes then why should I log into your website and then order where as I can right away call and order though it is not charged anything extra —–But this is time consuming.

  10. do let us know how we can improve the website if you feel its not user for the ordering time is concerned, it takes around 5mins for a user to complete the entire process. I don’t think its a very large time.. if u call up the restaurant and ask for the information that we have for u on the website(items with prices, tax, delivery time, min order amt etc) would take much more time…
    a restaurant in koramangla would deliver to your place given its a large order..logistics will not work out of they start delivering an order of Rs.200-300 to a long distance.

  11. Srikanth Says:

    Yesterday when I tried to use your service I could not make it and was wondering how to use and how the delivary will happen. Can some body tell me the process but it seems to be really great if you people give details how to use your service online.

  12. Hi..

    The process is something like this:

    1. Select a restaurant based on your criteria(quick search has locationwise and advanced search has various criteria like veg/non veg, cuisine, min order amount etc).

    2. If the restaurant has home delivery or pick up, you can see a link “View Menu” on the right. If the restaurant has table booking, you can see “Book a Table” link also.

    3. Choose the option that you want.. in case you choose to see the menu, you can see all the item prices along with the description(if you hover above the item name).

    4. You need to select the items and then put in the quantity reqd. Click on “Add to Cart” to add the items to your shopping cart. You can view different category items by using the page no link 1,2,… Once you are done, click on “Proceed”.

    5. This would show you the bill along with the tax. You can recalculate, add more etc. Give in a valid email id and select from the dropdown what you want and click on the “Get Order Code”.

    6. A mail would have come to your email id from This would have an order code. Use this to confirm your order in the next page and give the address, delivery time etc details.

    7. You are done!! You will get a confirmation mail/call from us.

    8. If you had chosen “Book a Table”, you would just need to fill up a form with details and you would get a confirmation mail/call from

    Guess I have made the process clear.. do let us know in case of any doubts..

  13. Saradha Says:

    It is amazing to know the way girls are progressing in different areas. This is a new concept, new initiative.
    I am amazed at this venture which I am sure will progress well.

    All the very best!

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  15. munna Says:

    hungry bangalore seems and sounds to be a website for the homeless….. you need to change that name yaar ….


  16. prasanth Says:

    hey .. this seems like a neat idea … i live in pune .. do you plan to expand this to other cities as well .. thanks

  17. hi prasanth.. thats for appreciating the idea.. we do plan to expand in other cities.. you should very soon hear about us in Pune as well:-)

  18. Tara Says:

    Prasanth, there’s a similar concept in Pune called Dial-a-Meal.

    You could try that out till HungryPune arrives 🙂

  19. Subash Says:

    Hi Priyanka,

    I was visiting your site the other day and I found it

    very interesting. I like the bit about ordering

    online. Thats pretty neat. What I didnt like about the

    site is that you are not showing delivery phone

    numbers for the hotel. To me thats bad business.

    If you think if your customer is MOST IMP then you

    should let him chose between calling the hotel

    directly or ordering online. Now thats what I call as

    THE BEST service. And also your penetration in some

    areas typically North of Bangalore is pretty poor. Is

    there a reason why? Even I live in Malleswaram area

    and I dnt see many options in my area?


    let your customer take the options

    should leave the

  20. Riya Says:

    the concept s amazing… but yer website needs a lot of jazzzing up. 🙂 yer service rocks nd if yu cud make it pleasant while surfin. it d b evn better fo yo al to grab more attention.. jez a suggestion. jazz it up 🙂

    rok on..

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