Copper Chimney

November 1, 2006

Consistently good – that’s Copper Chimney. This Mumbai based chain serves northwest frontier and Punjabi cuisine. I have been here several times, and the food has always been excellent. The bar menu is quite extensive and they serve exotic fruit based martinis – appletini, mangotini and melontini. The starters, including the Raan, Panner Tikka are good and their dum biryanis are superb. Taftan, a soft, yogurt-based bread is a must-try. One word of caution, their starter portions are quite large and the food itself is heavy on the stomach – so many a time, I have skipped the main course. For dessert, try the firni, cool and creamy, in a clay pot.
Copper Chimney is located at the rooftop in Bangalore Central, opposite Mayo Hall, M.G. Road, Bangalore, ph:66111800/900. The glass windows allow awesome views of Bangalore city and the decor is classy. Parking is available at Bangalore Central and the parking charge of Rs.50 is redeemable on restaurant and mall expenses over that amount. Do make reservations, especially in the weekend, else be prepared for a one hour wait. Cost factor: Rs.1400 for two, including a drink each.


6 Responses to “Copper Chimney”

  1. Simanti Says:

    The one in Calcutta is very good too; I tried it on my last trip…and you are absolutely right about the dum biriyani, their presentation is excellent too.

  2. Irritated Customer Says:

    Well when i did call for reservation the person who picked up the phone was EXTREMELY RUDE… Considering the number of restraunts coming up in bangalore…. if they keep such a rude attitude… they may not really be able to survive…as for me … i may not go to the restraunt considering “the ATTITUDE”

  3. Amit Says:

    I happened to go to Copper Chimney in Bagalore last weekend & it was a Horrible experience.Service was very lousy.DUM BIRIRANI was pathetic.The portion serverd was so less & prices were sky high.I wonder how they run the restaurant.Most bogus restaurant, with bogus service and foods. Stay away !!!Totally Sub-standard food
    This is one of the worst place I have ever been in my life.
    They are miserable at service & food terribly miserable in taste.
    Anyday I would prefer going to SAMARKHAND

  4. Sapna Says:

    The person who piked the phone was extremely rude!!!!!
    Dont lik the attitude on phone itself! Considerin the amt of restaurants in bangalore wonder how they can afford to be RUDE! How do they run the place! They need to learn some telephone ettiquetes!

  5. Saumyadeep Says:

    I was there this monday and I liked the place, I didnt really find the place too costly, its not cheap but I wont term it as expensive. The service was good, pretty good, could be because of a monday, but it was good.

  6. Refused entry customer Says:

    After a shopping spree in Bangalore central on April 5th morning, we were hungry. So, myself, wife and the kids landed in Copper Chimney for lunch. At the entry to the restaurant, I was asked to share my mobile number, apparently the restaurant has a practice of noting down the mobile number of every customer. Obviously I refused, had no intentions of receiving some more unwanted sales calls. To my shock, I was told that unless I share my mobile number, I and family will not be allowed entry. Mind it, we were not making a reservation, we were at the gate of the restaurant which looked quite empty.

    We, of course, left. I do not know what others experiences are, but I have never been to a restaurant that turns away customers for not wanting to share mobile number. I guess there is no option for me to return to the place, as I still do not have a mobile number that I want to share with them.

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