My Tea House

October 31, 2006

Tea-lovers of the word unite – “Unitea in Diversitea”. I know it is a corny tag-line but My Tea House redeems itself by serving up some great varities of tea. For the I-absolutely-need-milk-in-my-tea person, there is the usual masala, cardamon, ginger teas in addition to the more exotic kulhad (or farmer) tea. The kulhad chai is served in a clay pot and the taste will make you feel like you are squatting in a barn with a buffalo mooing in the background. The Kerala-style chayyakadda is also a thick, milky tea. If you are willing to drink your tea without milk you can try the Russian, the Ladakh or the delicious Tibetian tea. My Tea House has good home-made cakes as well – try the date and the carrot cakes. Recently, they have expanded their snack menu, which I have not tried.

The decor could do with an interior designer – it has startling green paint and some of the walls look like they could do with some water-proofing treatment. However, it is spacious.

My Tea House is located at #293, 100ft Ring Road, 4th Phase, 7th Block, Banshankari III Stage, Bangalore-85, Ph: 26792740. They have parking. The location is not excellent, which is why it is not too crowded and there is a lack of hipness. If it were located in Koramangala, I could imagine it being swarmed with PYTs.


2 Responses to “My Tea House”

  1. chaitra Says:

    Well… you should try Infinitea on cunnigham road… the ‘posh’ version of My Tea house… they serve some excellent Masala tea and Veggie momos

  2. Thanks for your input Chaitra.. will try out this place.

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