Sahib Sindh Sultan

October 30, 2006

Probably my favourite fine dining restaurant in Bangalore, Sahib Sindh Sultan is perfect for a meal with that special someone. Transport yourself to the colonial era in this fine dining restaurant reminiscent of a British Raj railway station. Sit inside the luxurious train carriage or outside on the station platform where a million ceiling lights twinkle like stars. The exquisite silverware, polished glass and impeccable service go well with the food – delicate sandalwood-flavoured drinks, the impressive Dak Bungalow roast chicken, the Anglo-Indian influenced pineapple halwa with cake crumbs. The restaurant is open from 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm seven days a week. Packed during peak hours even on weekdays, the restaurant takes reservations for lunch until 1:00 pm and for dinner until 8:15 pm. Alcohol is served in the restaurant as well as in the adjoining pub, the aptly named “Firangi Paani – The English Spirit”. Parking is available at the Forum mall where the restaurant is located and it is wheelchair accessible. Cost – approximately Rs.1200 for two. Ph: 22067878


7 Responses to “Sahib Sindh Sultan”

  1. Raghava Says:

    Can you plz send the phone number of Sahib Singh Sultan restaurent in Banglore.


  2. Hi Raghava,
    Sorry about not including the phone number; I have it edited the post to include it now. It is 22067878.

  3. Latha Says:

    Is it as good as the Firangi paani?

  4. Well, Sahib, Sindh, Sultan is a restaurant while Firangi Paani is a pub. So the expectation is different from each. But as far as fine dining restaurants go, Sahib is perfect and fantastic 🙂 Definitely visit after making reservations.

  5. Hi Raghava,

    In case you can’t find phone number of some restaurant.. just log on to and check out..we might have that restaurant with us..and then without any hassle of finding out numbers, you can book a table online and it’ll be taken care:)

  6. Sayed Says:

    Can you plz send the phone number of Sahib Singh Sultan restaurent in @kormanglam Banglore.


  7. Laughing Buddha Says:

    nice place, but gets too crowded in peak hours. sometimes its gets too smoky too. food is moderate – but has a great location because of which i visit.

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