My Tea House

October 31, 2006

Tea-lovers of the word unite – “Unitea in Diversitea”. I know it is a corny tag-line but My Tea House redeems itself by serving up some great varities of tea. For the I-absolutely-need-milk-in-my-tea person, there is the usual masala, cardamon, ginger teas in addition to the more exotic kulhad (or farmer) tea. The kulhad chai is served in a clay pot and the taste will make you feel like you are squatting in a barn with a buffalo mooing in the background. The Kerala-style chayyakadda is also a thick, milky tea. If you are willing to drink your tea without milk you can try the Russian, the Ladakh or the delicious Tibetian tea. My Tea House has good home-made cakes as well – try the date and the carrot cakes. Recently, they have expanded their snack menu, which I have not tried.

The decor could do with an interior designer – it has startling green paint and some of the walls look like they could do with some water-proofing treatment. However, it is spacious.

My Tea House is located at #293, 100ft Ring Road, 4th Phase, 7th Block, Banshankari III Stage, Bangalore-85, Ph: 26792740. They have parking. The location is not excellent, which is why it is not too crowded and there is a lack of hipness. If it were located in Koramangala, I could imagine it being swarmed with PYTs.


Sahib Sindh Sultan

October 30, 2006

Probably my favourite fine dining restaurant in Bangalore, Sahib Sindh Sultan is perfect for a meal with that special someone. Transport yourself to the colonial era in this fine dining restaurant reminiscent of a British Raj railway station. Sit inside the luxurious train carriage or outside on the station platform where a million ceiling lights twinkle like stars. The exquisite silverware, polished glass and impeccable service go well with the food – delicate sandalwood-flavoured drinks, the impressive Dak Bungalow roast chicken, the Anglo-Indian influenced pineapple halwa with cake crumbs. The restaurant is open from 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm seven days a week. Packed during peak hours even on weekdays, the restaurant takes reservations for lunch until 1:00 pm and for dinner until 8:15 pm. Alcohol is served in the restaurant as well as in the adjoining pub, the aptly named “Firangi Paani – The English Spirit”. Parking is available at the Forum mall where the restaurant is located and it is wheelchair accessible. Cost – approximately Rs.1200 for two. Ph: 22067878

Just Chocolate

October 30, 2006

Just chocolate is well, just yummy! This chocolate lovers paradise is well worth a visit and more. They have a wide range of chocolates – dark, white, dates, fig & honey, pistachio, tamarind and my personal favourite, marzipan. Marzipan, by the way, is a thick almond paste used in Christmas cakes and pastries. They also have chilli chocolates which I was too much of a wimp to try. They are all “home-made”, i.e. made in the shop itself. They sell the chocolates by weight (you can buy small quantities like 50 gms) and their chocolate boxes make good festive gifts . In addition, they have 4-5 flavours of “home-made” ice-cream – I loved the butterscotch flavour. They also have chocolate flavoured drinks which were nothing to write home about. They do advertise a fondue, which I am yet to try – a chocolate sauce that comes in a hot pot that you can share with your friends – each of you gets a piece of cake that you dip into the sauce.

The decor is ok – pink and blue with glass tables and dining chairs and some sofas thrown in. It has not been very crowded whenever I have visited.

The staff seem extremely professional – they look like they have been trained in a catering institute and seem to maintain very hygenic standards – gloves, caps, aprons, the works. They were also very polite and answered our questions patiently.

Just Chocolate is located at 116, 4th Block, Diagonal Road, Near Ganapathi Temple, Jayanagar, Bangalore, ph: 26343335/6 and is open from 11 am to 10 pm. This is not a very crowded area, so you can park your bike or car on the same road.